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Kirika Kure ([personal profile] justforyou) wrote in [personal profile] heyzizzle 2013-08-01 06:28 am (UTC)

sassyan and his precious imouto

[He told her to leave Oriko. Told her to give up on the person she loved--so she had left. Ran away, moved to Oriko's place. She told their parents she's staying at a friend's place.

This is the first time Kirika's come back since the fight. In her haste, she didn't bring anything with her. It only makes sense that she'd come back for clothes at least.

It's not her fault that a witch attacked her while she was on her way. The creature was too powerful--she had to flee, with a severely depleted Soul Gem. If she gets her things then she can return to Oriko's place where they have a few Grief Seeds. No problem.

She opens the door of the house and lurches inside.]

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