justforyou: ('Cause I can't feel it anymore.)
Kirika Kure ([personal profile] justforyou) wrote in [personal profile] heyzizzle 2013-08-03 05:18 pm (UTC)

[It's just her luck. She mentally yells at herself for not being prepared for Sasayan to be waiting for her. Of course he would. Even if most people in the world was scum... She had her big brother.

Kirika leans against the wall with an outstretched arm. The previous fight with the witch is making it hard to think. It's like sludge.]

Yeah? I'm a magical girl. They've got to be prepared for me vanishing like that.

[Kirika's not answering the first question. She loved her parents but Oriko would always come first. She rubs her forehead with her free hand.] Just forget it, bro. I need to get some clothes and then I'll be out of your hair.

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